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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Stockpile

Like I said... I am a couponer. Over the last 2 months I have started my stockpile. MOST of it is put away and organized... some is not because we ran out of room (project this weekend to find space)

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Bottom left is 300+ rolls of tape. Bottom right is all medical I.E. bandaids, first aid kits, tylenol ect.  Top left bottom container is all makeup, Top left top is all free samples, Top right bottom is Sensodine toothpaste, Top right top is toothbrushes and Crest toothpaste. Middle is 6 Airwick odor detect fresheners 
Left side is panty liners, deodorant and razors. Right side is bar soap, body wash and shaving cream.

 All my TP and napkins

 2 boxes (over 40 bags) of treats for the animal shelter

 This is what 240 Lbs of cat litter looks like!

64 baby wipes (there were 72 but I gave a case to my neighbor) 

 Very bottom shelf is floor cleaner. Second shelf working from left to right... lotion, K-Y jelly, facial cleaner, red basket is FULL of lotion, mouthwash, fly paper and Mr.Clean magic erasers. Top shelf working from left to right...body spray, and 3 totes of shampoo and conditioner

 21 bottles of laundry soap, 4 bottles of fabric softener and 7 bottles of dish soap

All of this is house hold cleaner... and well the stuff on the wall is self explanatory!

All of my laundry and dish supplies that is not in my designated stockpile room

4 3/4 cases of salsa (there were 5 1/2 but I gave some to a neighbor)

3 cases Seattles Best Coffee!!

 MASS CLUTTER!!! Most of it is Ragu pasta sauce and Kraft dressing

Bottom shelf is mostly soup, beans and tomatoes. Top shelf is ALL pasta

 Bottom shelf is Spaghettio's and soup. Top shelf is Hamburger Helper.

Bottom shelf is BBQ sauce, pasta sauce and salsa. Top shelf is dressing, hot sauce and ketchup.

This is our snack food cabinet!

Animal treats that we have no where else to put!!

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  1. I love your stockpile I cannot wait to get mine bigger. I love the wire crates that is in your stockpile. I need something to put my stuff in. I still have them in bags under the sink. LOL.